Stroke Warning Signs


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December 26, 2012:
Dystextia is a new warning sign for strokes.


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Warning Signs of a Stroke

If you suspect that someone is having a stroke, it is up to YOU to TAKE ACTION and GET HELP IMMEDIATELY!

Common signs of a stroke include drooping of one side of the face, inability to move a hand or foot, sudden loss of vision, aphasia (a hard time putting words together) and disorientation. You should keep in mind that stroke victims may be unable to figure out that they have a problem, or may be so disoriented that they can't diagnose themselves. As a friend, caregiver, or even a casual acquaintance, time is of the essence and the person must be given professional medical attention immediately. Whenever possible, call 911 or get the person to a medical facility right away. Doctors have horror stories of people who noticed symptoms but did not take patients to the hospital for hours or days, at which time brain damage was permanent. In a stroke, minutes save lives, since the right treatment can restore blood flow to the brain and may prevent permanent disability. Strokes can be fatal, or cause lasting damage to a person's ability to move, speak, think, or do many everyday activities. A stroke can create the need for 24 hour care, so under all circumstances you should get the stroke victim to the hospital.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Strokes are especially dangerous, so no matter how old the person is, or whether they want to go to the hospital, fast action is the difference between a quick recovery and a lifetime of disability. Act FAST!